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April - Wanderlore Grove - Creators Realm - Jelly 18

Tweet Peace

It’s a gorgeous spring day in the Wanderlore Grove and I’m flipping through the pages of my Creation Book.

Being magical in nature, my Creation Book has an infinite number of pages that will continue to grow throughout my life. Only a certain number of these endless leaves, however, will ever be perusable at any one time.

The rest of the pages are archived, yet accessible via a short retrieval spell.

Today, I am leafing through pages I had populated on another spring day, back while I was still in school in Cratersville.

It’s surprising to me how, though I am living an entirely different Realm now, the sentiments I hold in my heart and soul are still very much the same—perhaps even more.

I guess it’s to be expected. I was born to a Wanderlore mother, yet I wasn’t living the life of one until I arrived in the Creators Realm.

The Wanderlores dedication to their way of life powers the Great Cycle. The Great Cycle is the magical dynamo that creates the Enchantment, which turns the clockwork of the Creators Realm and Icon Worlds into habitable spaces where humans and creatures can live.

In other words, the Wanderlores keep things real—no matter how fantastical the Creators dare to be with their concepts and designs.

This gets tricky at times, especially when the Creators—and the Patrons who support them—create imbalances and inequities with their grand visions.

The Wanderlores, knowing the inclination of humans to break things in the pursuit of their dreams, especially when they’re insulated from the very things they create, also allow for a rebalancing of the power of the Realm once things get too far out of whack.

This cyclical renewal is called the Era of the Bards.

Now, you might be inclined to think that being one of the Bards is a great gig. It is—to an extent. But, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops.

Being Bard is a lot like being an uninvited guest to a party. We want to change things, and that makes some people deeply unhappy. This is why the Bards don’t exactly go around broadcasting who they are or what they’re really up to.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all of this. Well, it’s because the Bards can’t do all their “re-scripting the realm” stuff by themselves. We need help.

We need the help of the creatures we create. We need the encouragement of those we hang around and know us. Most of all, we need the help of evangelists who truly believe that sometimes it’s best to stop bickering and start working together to get things done.

To this end, I present you with a few closing thoughts to drive the point home:      

Tweet Peace 

Nurture it at Home

Share it with those you know

Build a Community where the Melody of Shalom is sung

Birds of a Feather sing together

Let’s fill the World with Our Song 

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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