Cast of Characters

This is a list of the characters, creatures and beings I make reference to in my story. This list is told from my point of view and is by no means complete.

The stories that I tell—along with my story partner Blue—are presented in a circular manner as the seasons unfold. More and more details are given as time goes on, but don’t expect a nice, neat linear progression. Blue and I jump around a lot, though we try to keep each of the scenes we present as self-contained as possible.

The list below represents the main ensemble from our early years in Cratersville.

Jellybean Reds: Hi, my name is Jellybean Reds and I create little creatures. I grew up in a small iconville called Cratersville, though my current residence is in a place called the Creators Realm. It is from here that I relay my story of an oppressive decorum that needs breaking, while offering insights into building a new, more inclusive society.

Poppy Reds: Poppy was my partner in crime when we discovered the Magic. She was the irritating, little sister who always wanted to know all of my soul-searing secrets while concealing her own dark thoughts.

She was the Magic’s sun. She knew its power intimately, fully, with no blurry shadows. She knew all future roads before they appeared, even as she knew the ones that could never be taken once the Magic had claimed us.

She was bright, she was spunky, she was tortured. She’s my guiding star, even now. I, as the moon, will reflect the light from her extinguished sun—forever.  

Cinnamon Reds: My mom was always a bit of a mystery to me. For one, she’s a Wanderlore and, though I am an honorary Wanderlore by birth, I was not immersed in the Traditions of the Wanderlores like my sister Poppy was. Thus, though I may not be able to relay a lot of details of her ritual life, I can fill you in on a few of the things that made her tick.

First, my mom believed that traditions, to be effective, must change as societies grow. Static traditions eventually devolve into two camps of people—the ones with the power and the ones without. She taught me that it’s okay to upset the apple cart, ruffle a few feathers and— occasionally—torch a few tuches to move society along when it becomes stuck.

My mom also believed that, to prevent societal constipation, people shouldn’t all try to be alike. She wasn’t threatened when people came from different backgrounds or had different belief systems. She truly felt that variety was necessary for obtaining the evolution of a society without all that messy revolution stuff.

Third, my mom was convinced that adopted customs—not dogma—could create a vibrant society that not only celebrates differences but highlights the things we have in common. 

Now, you know where I got my bohemian soul from… 

Razzy Reds: Razzy’s my father. He played at being a stage magician while I was growing up in Cratersville. I say “played at” for though the townspeople—and the visitors who flocked to see him—knew him as an incredible magician on stage, his true powers were truly the stuff of Legend—at least, that’s how those in Cratersville would have viewed it—if they had known.

It wasn’t until I returned to the Creators Realm (where I was born) that I learned that Poppy’s and my discovery of the Magic wasn’t so much a lucky find as it was a pre-meditated plot to ReScript the Realms.

Blueberry Fields: Blueberry (aka Blue) is my BFF. He and I don’t think alike, but we always respect each other. He keeps the clockwork of the icon worlds ticking properly when the Magic that Poppy and I released, so long ago, mucks it up. He doesn’t give in. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t take any crap. But, he does have heart.   

Bluebell Fields: First off, don’t call her by her given name, Bluebell. Bluesy—that’s the name she goes by—is Blueberry’s twin sister. Bluesy’s knack with animals, made her the Magic’s natural choice for working with the little creatures.

She also doesn’t take any crap—especially from Blue. Now, that’s saying something.

Little Creatures: Poppy and I really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into when we started creating little creatures. There were no instruction manuals to guide us. It didn’t require any math, or biology or any kind of genetic know-how either. Our Creation Books (powered by the Magic) did all of that for us. We just had to apply our hearts and souls to what we were doing—along with a few little binding clauses that I won’t go into here.

As we grew older, our creations mirrored the journeys our souls took. This made the little creatures—who weren’t bound by the decorum—even more volatile and dangerous to the icon worlds than anyone could have anticipated. 

Ghost: Second only to the Magic in the chaos it created. Ghost’s true identity remained a mystery to me long after my sister Poppy discovered its secret and the astonishing power it possessed.

Phantoms: Entities of the ascending Magic. These might be born, created or spontaneous in nature. Together, they form an uncontrollable force.

The Magic: The Magic is listed here because—though people here can’t decide if it is friend, foe or untamed power—they all agree that its existence runs everything from the clockwork of the icon worlds, to the eternal gardens of the Wanderlore Groves, to the power structure of the Creators Realm.

I believe there is an aspect of the Magic in each and every one of our souls just waiting to be discovered.

Tessla – Keeper of the Portal: Last, but not least is, Tessla—the official Keeper of the Portal that links your world and mine. Without their dedication, the story that Blueberry and I tell wouldn’t make it to your realm.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures