Jelly 27 - Dispatches of Jelly's twenty-seventh year

HELPFUL HINT: Dispatches are not arranged in a strict monthly order. If this is how you wish to experience my world, start with the June dispatches (my birth month) and end with the May ones.

Spring - Wanderlore Grove - Creators Realm - Jelly 27

Letters to Earth

As I write these words, its early spring. I’m sitting at a small table in my star wagon. My windows are open, allowing a cool breeze to waft through the room. The drafts flicker the flame of a nearby candle and flutter the pages of my Creation Book as I

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August - Wanderlore Grove - Creators Realm - Jelly 27

Sound and Fury

Some events blow into storms and sweep into our consciousness without warning and with such sound and fury that all we want to do is dive for cover under the kitchen table. These events may be political, or they may be social. Sometimes, the events in question are local. This

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