The Creators Realm

Long ago, when the Creators Realm was formally formed, humans had been living in remote habitats for many generations. Some of these habitats were located on various planets, others were contained within protective spheres. 

While these habitats allowed humans to exist, they didn’t compare to the life they had enjoyed on a little, blue sphere known as Earth.

This is why, after the Great Dying, there were those who refused to leave and take shelter in the outer world environments. Like all rebels they had a cause, and so they stayed, barely surviving in a harsh environment while planning Earth’s restoration.

Eventually, these diverse peoples left their beloved blue orb and joined the distant habitats.

With them, they brought two things, one was an incredible Magic that allowed the city-like habitats to become eerily Earth-like, the other was a ritualistic concept known as the Great Cycle that preserved the lores and legends of all recorded cultures.

The Magic and the Rituals not only transformed the other-worldly environments, but they transformed the humans as well.

At once, humans had the power of gods. Many wondered the wisdom of staying part of the natural universe. If humans could destroy Earth, what would prevent them from destroying the surrounding environs as well?

After much contemplation, the humans decided to create a new realm entirely. One connected to, but not part of the Galaxy born of the Big Bang.

The Creators Realm was born. 

Over time, however, a formality took hold. The Magic that was once used by all was divided. Many were forbidden to use it at all. Because of this, the one realm became two.

Those, to whom the use of the magic was forbidden, were given a new realm filled with icon worlds based on various eras from Earth’s history. This is where they were sent to live. All memory of the Creators Realm was erased.

Those who retained their magical abilities were allowed to stay within the Creators Realm, but not without restrictions.

Three groups came into existence: 

The Magicians, who control the Magic directly, formed the houses that rule the realm. 

The Creators, who create the worlds and creatures, serve the Magicians.

The Wanderlores, who direct the workings of the Creators Realm and the Icon Worlds via the rituals and lore of the Great Cycle, retain the secret dream of returning to a restored Earth.

After this division, the Magicians and the Creators withdrew to their Celestial Domains within the Creators Realm, while the Wanderlores withdrew to their Groves, Gardens and Orchards.

Because of this arrangement, most within the Celestial Domains considered the Wanderlores outsiders. They didn’t understand the power of the Great Cycle or how it could be used to re-script the realm.

This is where my story begins.  

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures