Jelly 14 - Dispatches of Jelly's fourteenth year

HELPFUL HINT: Dispatches are not arranged in a strict monthly order. If this is how you wish to experience my world, start with the June dispatches (my birth month) and end with the May ones.

February 02 - Cratersville - 9th Grade - Zany Topper with Tulips

Rodent Prognostication Day

Happy Groundhog Day! The day when gobs of otherwise reasonable people, gather in the cold, awaiting that magical moment when a quaintly garbed gentleman pulls a bleary eyed rodent from its burrow in order to prognosticate if there will be an early spring or not. I first discovered this quirky

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End of summer before ninth grade - Cratersville - Jelly 14

Soul Envoys

It was a warm August night, directly before the start of ninth grade. I was sitting on my bed, when I noticed a faint dusting of confetti landing on my pillow, the phantom remnants of another party that I had not been invited to. The source of the confetti were

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