Seasons and Holidays

New Years Day:

Holidays of Cratersville – Jelly Dispatch 

National Hugging Day:

Negotiations – Blueberry Scene

Negotiations – Jelly Scene

Rodent Prognostication Day:

Rodent Prognostication Day – Cratersville Scene

Candy Hearts Day:

Surprise – Blueberry Scene

Love Dragons – Jelly and Nori Scene

Secret Ingredient – Jelly and Bluesy Scene

Shamrock Day:

Shamrocks and Rainbows – Jelly and Poppy Scene

Rainbow Shamrocks – Colors of My Soul – Rainbow Life Dispatch

Spring Equinox:

Carnival Day – Cratersville Scene

April First:

Magic Mountain – Little Creature Scene

Festival of Freedom:

Sand – Jelly and Family Scene

Blood – Jelly and Family Scene

Fancy Hats and Baby Animals Day:

EGGstravaganza Day – Cratersville Scene

Earth Day:

Earth Day – Jelly Dispatch


Rainbow is the New Black – Jelly Dispatch

Peace Love and Rainbows – Tessla Dispatch

Both and Neither – Jelly Dispatch



Summer Solstice:

Summer Carnival – Jelly and Little Creature Scene


The Lighthouse – Jelly and Nori Scene

Wanderlores New Year:

Dancing with Time – Jelly Dispatch

Wanderlores New Year – Jelly and Poppy Scene

Wheel of Life – Jelly Dispatch

Festival of Tents:

Prayer for Rain – Jelly Dispatch

Night Between the Worlds:

Witch of Hearts – Jelly Dispatch

Turkey Day:

Turkey Day – Cratersville Scene

Gobble, Gobble Give Thanks – Jelly and Zell Scene

Peace, Love and Thanksgiving – Jelly Dispatch

Festival of Lights:

Darkness to Light – Jelly Dispatch

Let Your Light Shine – Jelly Dispatch

Winter Wish:

Believe – Jelly Dispatch

Winter Wish – Jelly and Razzy Scene

Winter – Long Nights:

Midnight Flowers – Jelly Dispatch