Quick Intro to My Story

After the great dying, a varied yet stubborn remnant remained on Earth.

Most of humanity had long ago fled to protective spheres or distant habitats on nearby planets, knowing the calamity that was to come.

Yet this small, determined group stayed behind. No one knew what secret project kept them tethered to such an inhospitable sphere. 

When this remnant finally re-joined their tellurian kin, they brought with them an incredible magic that promised to transform the distant habitats and protective spheres into eerily earth-like habitats unattainable by technology alone.

With this magic a new Realm was born.

Even though the former inhabitants of earth were forever changed by this magic, their old proclivities for chasing status was not so easily transformed.

Over time, a separation developed. The Realm that had been one was split in two: The Creators Realm where the earth-like worlds were created and the Icon Worlds where those not in power were forced to live.

Of course, this was only the beginning of the fracturing.

Soon, the rights of humans and creatures became less important as they became less free. The decorum by which everyone had to live became oppressive.

It was at this time, Legend says, that the Bards would be born and the power of the magic that created the realms would be rebalanced.

This is where my story begins.

I am one of the long hoped for Bards. I am not a savior. I am not a super hero. I’m a person, living in unusual circumstances with access to an incredible magic. My name is Jellybean Reds, and I create little creatures.

Everyone expects this magic to change the realm. It will, but it won’t. Life changes via a hundred little things over the flow of seasons and years, not one heroic moment at the end of a movie.

My story is not linear. It is told in an episodic fashion as I write about things that have happened (and are still happening) in my world.

I write about fond memories of growing up in an icon town known as Cratersville.

I write about my current life after I returned to the Creators Realm.

I provide sections where I write about the cosmology, rituals, and creatures of both realms.

There’s also a section dedicated exclusively to the writings of my dear friend Blue, who keeps the dispatches coming from the Icon Worlds long after I have returned to the realm in which I was born.

My world is fun and engaging. It’s happy and, at times, quite sad. Yet, most of all, I believe that my world will make you think and perhaps find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. 

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures