Life on Zorko - Dispatches from Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal to Jelly's World

Hi, my name is Tessla and I’m the official portal keeper for Jelly’s Universe. I tend to stay in the shadows, though my personality can be seen in the various characters that occupy Jelly’s world.

The journey to create Jelly’s world has taken many years. From the start, I knew I was trying to create something different—not a novel, or a manga or a script for another medium.

I feel as if I am literally on the other side of a portal getting glimpses into Jelly’s life. This is how their world comes to me. I’m not the grand puppet master dictating the action but an observer seeing aspects of their life as it unfolds.

This format may be frustrating for those who anticipate a slick presentation of a story. Jelly’s story isn’t about the action per se, but about the life concepts that the scenes reveal.

Jelly’s world is presented seasonally. Jelly’s story is not linear. The telling of their world is like a letter from a friend or a conversation over tea where aspects of one’s soul is revealed over time.

This is not your ordinary story or world, but then again I’m not your ordinary portal keeper.

I’m passionate about making the world a more harmonious place. I’m a flamethrower on a mission with a normally introverted demeanor. I see things from angles that most people just don’t see. I’m eager to share new and interesting things, which is why being a portal keeper to Jelly’s world is such a great gig to have.

If you want to know more about MY story and how it influences the construct of Jelly’s world, read the dispatches below.

Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Queen of Smiles

Why I Keep the Portal

I want people to believe in the Magic again I want people to wonder at those things that defy explanation I want people to believe in the creativity that lights their soul and the passion that guides their heart I want people to embrace the serenity of nature so that

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Life on zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal

Chaos Theory

Chaos creates change. I write this because too many people believe that happiness comes from striving after perfection. Lives must be instagram-ready to be worthy. Yet, instagram-ready lives are rarely interesting. The biggest secret that truly well rounded people won’t tell you—unless they think you’re mentally ready for it—is that

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When I look up at the sky at night I see a vast space filled with twinkling stars. I, being an empath, envy all that space. I’m an empath. I’m also a neuro-diverse person. I sense things that others do not. One of things that I sense is space—or the

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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Creature Emerging from Crater

Origins – Little Creatures

Every creation has an origin story. The little creatures of Jelly’s World are no different. In Jelly’s story, the little creatures’ origins are tied to the mysterious and powerful Magic that Jellybean discovers when they are ten. Together with their younger sister, Poppy, they unleash not only their imaginations, but

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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Boy Girl Muse

U ni QUE

Hi, my name is Tessla Queen and I’m the portal keeper to Jelly’s World. The first thing you’ll probably notice about Jelly’s World is that it’s different from anything that you have experienced before. This is no accident. I’m both neuro-diverse and gender queer. My life experiences have always been

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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Magic Muse in the Spotlight

The Magic IRL

The “Magic” is the main reason Jelly’s story came into existence. The Magic, in Jelly’s world, represents an unknowable higher power which allows the created Realms in their story to exist. I’ll let Jellybean explain the cosmology of how this all works, but my intention of building this world, based

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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Little Yellow Bird Singing

Listening Leads to Peace

Perhaps it’s time to admit we’re doing this all wrong. I’ve been watching culture all my life. I watch, I listen, I cogitate. Cogitation, for those of you who don’t know, is the consideration of points presented. I’ve always been curious to know what people think—even people who think differently

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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal

The Secret Language of Me

One of the main reasons I express myself through the characters and scenes of Jelly’s World is because communication for me—especially verbal—is so challenging. Not only am I on the spectrum, but I had a very strange upbringing. My parents didn’t act like neurotypical parents. I was left to raise

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life on zorko - tessla queen - keeper of the portal

Peace, Love and Rainbows

I’ve always been a maverick. I couldn’t help it. Not only am I gender non-binary, but I’m also neurodiverse and creative as well. The world for me is a very different place than it is for the majority of society. What society expects just doesn’t work for me. For most

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life on zorko - tessla queen - keeper of the portal

Life on Zorko

I’m not sure what possessed me to start writing in my own voice, from my own perspective. It’s like I woke up one day to find that there was someone else’s voice in my head. At first I was confused for the voice didn’t sound like Jellybean or Blueberry—the two

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