Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
August - Creators Realm - Jelly 21

The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary People

It’s been said that it takes a community to raise a child. This was particularly true in the case of my sister and myself.

Our family life was more complicated than most other families in Cratersville. Coming from the Creators Realm, our parents were bound together by purpose even as they lived apart.

 There were reasons for this arrangement that I didn’t understand fully when I was growing up.

What I did understand was that, for this arrangement to work, our parents depended on the community as a whole to keep tabs on us while we were free-ranging around town.

Of course, our parents had secret ways of keeping tabs on us, but they mostly relied upon a carefully orchestrated network of friends, neighbors and shop owners who made sure that we showed up when expected and made it home on time.

Our parents wanted us to experience everyday life with everyday people. They knew deep down they couldn’t offer the power that the everyday had to offer. 

The townspeople of Cratersville—a quirky lot to be sure—are the stars of my fondest memories. It was their hopes and dreams that created the magic that our town became known for.

The townspeople may not have understood my parents, yet they understood the unwritten contract that allowed Poppy and I to explore with minimal structure and risk.

They also understood that everyday people can have extraordinary power if they work together.

Everyday people can power movements, build communities, right wrongs, fill in the gaps, lift spirits, inspire dreams, and grow children. 

Everyday people build a bridge to the future, one act and simple gesture at a time.

Everyday people are the spice of life and nectar of being.

Famous people may have their names emblazoned on marquees and buildings, but everyday people have their names embossed on souls.

When I’m lonely or scared, it’s not the bright names I seek comfort in, but the quiet names that only I may know.

In the Creators Realm, I have access to the most powerful beings and personages of the Realm, yet I choose to live amongst the everyday people and creatures who will change the Realm for the better.

The extraordinary power of ordinary people comes from the fact that they are everywhere, just within reach.

 —Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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