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December - Creators Realm - Jelly 18

’Tis the Season to be Holly

Every year, right after Turkey Day, the Holly Zings would appear. These little creatures with the green holly wings would hide in plain sight amongst the other Holly Day decor where they would wait eagerly for the perfect moment to interject a little Holly Day frivolity into someone’s day.

Some would hitch rides on the hats, sweaters and shoes of lonely pedestrians trudging along the snowy streets. Others would sprinkle gold and rainbow confetti on doers of good deeds.

Then there were the roving groups of Holly Zings who would spring into action whenever a little holiday help was needed, like helping the frazzled shopper struggling with overloaded bags, or lending a magical hand to the decorator negotiating a too tall roofline while putting up lights.

A few of the Holly Zings made it their mission to escort holiday revelers safely home after a night of overindulgence. They would accomplish this feat through a combination of hiding car keys along with operating an all night shuttle service where inebriated souls were whisked to their desired destination—all for free. As a bonus, said passengers would arrive home fully bedecked in tinsel—another free service.

I’m not sure what gives the Holly Zings such a knack for holiday hi-jinks. Perhaps it was because my sister and I created them when we were teenagers. Perhaps it’s because we were a little silly with holiday cheer ourselves when we were fashioning their souls.

Either way, it’s hard to have a blue, blue Holly Day when you have the green-winged Holly Zings around. 

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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