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The Magic IRL

The “Magic” is the main reason Jelly’s story came into existence.

The Magic, in Jelly’s world, represents an unknowable higher power which allows the created Realms in their story to exist. I’ll let Jellybean explain the cosmology of how this all works, but my intention of building this world, based on the Magic, is to address a very destructive force that I have experienced in my own life.

I grew up in an abusive household. My parents tried to provide for me materially, however, their provisions were always contingent upon me believing (and acting) exactly the way they did. Anything less was labeled as having an evil intent on my part.

I’m not sure how my parents came to possess such thoughts, though I might have an inkling.

My mom lost her own mother when she was a young child. My father’s father was locked away (also when my father was quite young) in a mental institution.

My parents constant refrain was how I displeased god because I didn’t believe the way that they did. They told me that god would kill me when the end came along with the rest of the wicked world.

But how could I stay when those in the religion told us not to have children, buy a home or pursue our careers because of how close the end of the system is?

I believe the turning point for me was when I was suicidal after years of abuse at my parents hands and the elders, instead of being helpful or understanding, basically told me that it would be better if I committed suicide, for I would then be cleared of my sins and my soul would be saved.

The result of all of this abuse was that I didn’t know how to love myself or even believe that I should even exist. I felt that my very existence was a stain upon the world and god. I was convinced that the talent I was pursuing would ultimately end in my death when the new system arrived, but I decided to pursue it anyway. 

After I left the religion, I quietly worked on my craft. I knew I had an art talent. I also felt driven to teach myself to write. I didn’t feel that my calling was as an artist or writer per se. I felt that these were tools that I was to use to express what I had experienced and to help those like me who had been abused by a misuse of power.

This is where the Magic comes in. 

The Magic, as I call it, helped me escape the prison of my parents domain and flee to a life where I could learn to be free.

What I explore in Jelly’s story is how people and the edifices of power they construct, be it religious or secular, can be corrupted when power is misused.

I believe there is a Magic that each of us can tap into.

The Magic isn’t abusive, judgmental or cruel. The real Magic, when you truly tap into it, will not only make you feel whole, but safe. 

Each of us is a child of the Magic. It can’t help but love us and want the best for us.

And if by chance you don’t believe in the Magic that’s okay. Jelly’s best friend, Blueberry, doesn’t believe much in the Magic either, but that doesn’t stop him from having a soft spot for the little creatures. 

We all are part of the wondrous rainbow of life. 

—Tessla, Lost Soul Found

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