Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
Rainbow Inspiration - Get Your Magic On

The Magic Behind the Magic

In my Realm there’s Magic and then there’s magic. The first Magic is what my Realm is based on and created with. It is the coin of power. It is a token by which people gain status. This Magic is tightly controlled by Ritual and Decorum.

I, as Bard, also utilize this Magic, though I know a secret that those in formal power don’t; that for the Magic to work best it has to be touched by the magic within. I’m not talking about the piece of the Magic that each of us carry inside. I’m talking about the emotional energy and love that each of us have burning within. This energy—or vibe as I like to call it—is that intangible something that makes what we do and say uniquely ours.

The Magic uses this unique expression that each of us bring to our endeavors to create wonder.  The world needs wonder. I’m not talking about the glitz, glamour and gaudiness that societies seem to lose themselves in. These trappings of affluence and culture are fleeting and forever changing. They don’t create long lasting awe or satisfaction with living.

True wonder doesn’t have an expiration date. True wonder is timeless. A photo of nature taken many years ago can still create a longing in the present day observer. Photos of most bygone fashions and styles unfortunately bring more grimaces than grins to those looking back.

The Magic wants us to discover those timeless traits that each of us possess. These hopes, dreams, desires, drives and abilities are truly the magic behind the Magic.

Let’s discover these treasures and use them to make the world a more wondrous place, not only for us, but for the many generations yet to come.

Those in the future may laugh at the clothes we wore and the funny animal faces we littered our pictures with, but they’ll never laugh at the soul we used to make our respective worlds better places where they can live, grow and thrive while creating a little wonder of their own.           

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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