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Living the Rainbow Life

I live in a troubled Realm where deep divisions and unrest currently hold sway.

You might live in a similar place yourself.

This is why I want to share with you a dream that I have.

This dream involves a place where peace, love and harmony reign.

Where the weak aren’t squashed by the powerful.

Where differences are celebrated not derided.

Where pride of ego gives way to the pride of a life well lived.

Where people are grateful and joyful.

Where they celebrate the accomplishments of others instead of just worshipping themselves.

Many would call this place Utopia.

I prefer a different name.

I call this ideal place the Rainbow Realm.

Below are a few of its tenets:

Share a Smile

Create Community

Repair Divisions

Say Hello

Practice Tolerance

Inspire Learning

Embrace Diversity

Foster Trust

Hope in Goodness

Savor Solitude


Accept Yourself

Dream in Technicolor

Proclaim Peace

Stay Grounded

Be Real

Love Freely

Give Thanks

Show Gratitude

Spread Joy

Be Gracious

Celebrate Others

Believe the Impossible

Let the Magic be Your Guide

Live Bravely

Shun the Chaos born of Inattention

Help Those in Need

Invest in You

Seek Truth

Pursue Justice

Free the Oppressed

Develop Empathy

Speak Encouragingly

Nourish the Hungry

End Hatred

Support Good Causes

Presserve Nature

Open Your Heart

Oppose Tyranny

Empower the Neglected

Give Voice to the Silent

Surprise the Uninspired

Ignite Passion

Plan for the Future

Rescue the Imprisoned

Dismiss Dogma

Whisper the Truth

Accompany the Lonely

Welcome the Stranger

Break Bread with Others

Use Your Gifts

Release Your Soul from Imprisoning Beliefs

Liberate Your Mind from Old Ideas

Respect the Generations

Protect the Vulnerable


Recognize Your Limitations

Listen with Your Heart

Question Everything

Unite the Divided

Set the Example

Live Virtuously

Glow Like the Moon

Shine Like the Sun

Excite Like a SuperNova

Sparkle Like Stardust

BE What You Want to SEE

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures 

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