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October - Rainbow Green - Creators Realm - Jelly 30

Head Alchemy

The time has come to get real.

I know you see the little creatures that I create and the theatrical images I share, but few, I think, get what is really going on.

The little creatures I create may seem like they’re for children, but they’re not.

The creatures, muses and phantom imaginings that I create come from a place in my soul that I feel that many in society have lost.

I started creating little creatures when I was ten. I admit I was very idealistic then. I didn’t understand the traumas that many people grow up with or how society traumatizes people who feel marginalized because of its structure.

And yet, even as I became more aware of these traumas, I still didn’t realize how much these life experiences impact people—or how hard it is to overcome these psychological injuries so that a truly fulfilling life can be lived.

In many ways I was lucky. My experiences, though traumatic at times, didn’t prevent me from pursuing the alchemy of my soul or waxing eloquent about “living the rainbow life”.

Let me be honest, living the rainbow life is the ultimate aspiration. Utopia, as it is often talked about, is an illusion that’s supposed to inspire, not a destination to be pursued as if it can be realized in any one life.

The true purpose of life is to go on a life-changing journey. This journey, if done well, isn’t fancy nor will it present endless stunning views. Most of the time this journey will be stress-filled and overwhelming with the occasional streak of excitement. 

I want to reach out to those of you who may feel stuck. I want to tell you a secret that few will reveal because they don’t know that it exists:

Before one can truly live their dreams or find their superpower, they must first learn how to transmute their traumas and demons into a foundation where dreams successfully can be built.

I know that society holds up many rich and famous people as the role models on how to live life. While some of these people may be mentally healthy, many live lives that appear glitzy and glamorous on the outside, while being empty and soul-crushing on the inside.

Human foibles don’t make for screwed-up societies. Broken people unaware of or unwilling to tackle the deep fatal flaws they harbor make for screwed-up societies.

These flaws are fatal because they prevent you from discovering the things that you were put on Earth to accomplish.

You have value far beyond what you know, yet first you have to discover what your purpose is before it can be transformed into a satisfying life.

Money, power and fame mislead people into pursuing things that aren’t healthy for their bodies, minds or souls.

Money, power and fame lead many people to pursue paths that are not their calling. These status symbols are siren songs, they lead people to paths that are far from the place that would actually bring true happiness.

True happiness and living the rainbow life only happens after “the dark night of the soul.” Everyone needs to take this journey—especially those who live in societies of excessive abundance.

If fame is your main aspiration, then please understand that behind your dream lurks a soul beseeching you to look beyond this misleading facade.

Puffery, grandiose speech, and showing off are not signs of health, but of deep psychological issues.

I know many will not want to hear this. I know many will not agree with what I write.

I’m on the other side of a deep valley of shadows, I see the sunlight, the blue skies, the occasional rainbow that are possible after the journey of inner transformation is completed.

My little creatures are imploring each of you to look inside. They’re imploring each of you to take that journey in the wilderness. They’re there to accompany you as you venture into very scary places, they’re meant to be your guides, your champions, your companions.

My little creatures were created outside of society’s decorum, they accept you just the way you are. This doesn’t mean that they don’t know how much harm parents, guardians and society have done to many of you, and how those harms are preventing you from being your true wonderful selves.

I don’t know how long your respective journeys will take.

Head alchemy isn’t fun. Many times its deeply painful. It’s a long journey, not a quick one. This is why so very few people will ever get to the other side where “living the rainbow life” is seen for what it truly is—a stirring anthem for the soul living its true calling.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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