Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
April - Cratersville - 10th Grade - Little Creature with Flower

Dawn of a New Decorum

It was in my tenth grade year of high school that the pivot happened. Up until this point, my sister Poppy and I, had created little creature with little thought as to what their purpose was.

The Blues’ grandmother, Mrs. Fields, was the first to understand that our technique of ignoring the elephant (i.e. little creatures) in the room was not going to serve us in the long run.

She explained if we wanted the antics of the little creatures to be less disruptive we first had to invite them into the community. Excluding them only ensured that they would go to further extremes to get noticed.

It was a lightbulb going off—at least for me. I like living my life in the shadows, so the idea that the little creatures would go to great lengths to be noticed surprised me.

That summer, I thought a lot about the little creatures.

When Poppy and I discovered the Magic that allowed us to create little creatures we didn’t stop to consider the ramifications. I had just turned ten. Poppy was eight. I would like to say she should have known better.

Poppy figured out things years ahead of me and that’s before the Magic entered our lives. After the Magic touched her soul she ascended to a plateau I could never hope to attain.

This left me to struggle with questions for far longer than Poppy had to with her infinite vision. Perhaps this allowed me to come to realizations at a deeper level than she could ever fathom.

It also allowed me to explain things at a level that people with normal lives could hopefully understand.

This is what I understand about the little creatures:

The little creatures were created outside the Decorum. What this means is that they were free of the strictures that everyone else in our little town of Cratersville were bound by. As they increased in numbers, they also began to play havoc with the clockwork that our town was based on.

What I didn’t know at the time—though Poppy no doubt did—was that our free-spirited little creatures were drawing upon a new magic—an ascending magic. This magic, over time, was weakening the old magic that the icon worlds were created with.

The little creatures were the future. The decorum of the past was ending. They were the dawn of a new way. In their wake a new power would be enshrined.

But first, everything needed to change.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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