Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
August - Creators Realm - Jelly 19


I’ll admit it. I’m known as an eccentric Creator. You can say I inherited my proclivity for the peculiar from my grandfather (I’ll write about him later).

Of course, my grandmother isn’t exactly normal either. She has the ability for creature alchemy. This is different from soul surfing, for instead of entrusting your soul to another creature, you take the form of a creature of choice.

In my realm, this ability runs in families. I have this talent as did my dad.

It’s a fun skill to have, though, it can prove problematic if you hit a glitch while you’re transformed because you may not be able to convert back. I think of this every time I place a bowl of milk out for the red cat known affectionately, by my grandfather, as Petra.

I’ll let you put the pieces together on that one.

Don’t laugh. Petra’s still peeved.

Anyway, the reason I tell you these things is because when summer comes I’m a bit of a skylarker. I’m more playful than normal, and my ideas for creatures turn more fanciful too.

It was during the summer that I came up with the idea of a butterfly creature whose wings would shift through the colors of the rainbow.

It wasn’t long before I was imagining how fun it would be to transform into a technicolor butterfly myself. I even considered the pros and cons of having “mood wings” where each color represented a different emotion, but I nixed that idea at the last minute.

I might seem like I’m always in a rainbow state of mind, yet deep down I have so many other hues.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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