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Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Three Little Creatures

Little Creatures

When the portal to Jelly’s world first opened, it didn’t take me long to realize that the little creatures would be a large component of their* creative endeavors.

I also understood that the little creatures didn’t represent a foray into a children’s wonderland per se but a clarion call for rediscovery to more mature souls who may have lost their childhood dreams along the way to adulthood.

When Jellybean was ten they discovered an incredible Magic that allowed them to create little creatures. Their partner in wonderment was their younger sister Poppy.

Together, they created creatures both small and large. Neither knew, when they began their magical journey, what power their creatures truly had.

The creatures, because they were created outside of the established decorum of the icon world where they lived, were able to tap into a new magic—a powerful ascending magic that would eventually replace the stifling status quo that Jellybean and their sister had grown up with.

If the desire to rewrite societal biases excites you, then you will love Jelly’s world and the concepts that they offer for contemplation and action.

The little creatures are muses—not for children—but for the child that exists inside each and every one of us.

The solutions to the problems we see in society won’t be solved by more adult cool reason, but by childlike curiosity that dares to imagine what it would be like to hitch a swing to a rainbow or bring dragons to life.

Your inner child is waiting. They hold the key, not only to your purpose, but to the Magic that will show you the secret path to get there.

—Tessla, Queen of Smiles, Keeper of the Portal

*Jelly is gender non-binary with a demisexual soul. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were neurodiverse as well. They reflect the light of a thousand souls which is why I believe they are so great at creating the little creatures.

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