The Magic IRL

Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal - Magic Muse in the Spotlight

The “Magic” is the main reason Jelly’s story came into existence. The Magic, in Jelly’s world, represents an unknowable higher power which allows the created Realms in their story to exist. I’ll let Jellybean explain the cosmology of how this all works, but my intention of building this world, based on the Magic, is to […]

Conspiracy Theories

life on zorko - tessla queen - keeper of the portal

We’re living in an era of extreme change. One of the foremost clues to this fact is the proliferation of conspiracy theories. I should know this. Fringe religious movements—such as the one I grew up in—were experts at using conspiracy talk to keep their followers coming back for more. Heck, you didn’t want to miss […]