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Conspiracy Theories

We’re living in an era of extreme change. One of the foremost clues to this fact is the proliferation of conspiracy theories.

I should know this.

Fringe religious movements—such as the one I grew up in—were experts at using conspiracy talk to keep their followers coming back for more.

Heck, you didn’t want to miss the next greatest installment from Conspiracy Inc. Those little tidbits were the thing that kept you from being a gullible sheep like the rest of the people in the world.

It’s alluring to feel special—to feel that you’re the only one who knows the truth.

It’s downright addictive.

Conspiracy theories aren’t true. What they are, however, is an indication that society needs to change.

Both sides of the political spectrum believe this to be true.

And, on both sides, there tends to be an impulse to believe all the crap that’s said about people on the other side.

This is where conspiracies arise.

Religions use the devil misleading everyone as their main conspiracy.

Politics use conspiracies about why people in power (or people on the other side of the political aisle) are so awful and must be dealt with.

Instead of dismissing conspiracy theories outright, I like to look at WHY conspiracy theories are so damn addictive—besides the insider status you gain believing in them.

I believe the main reason why conspiracies are so abundant in today’s world is that half the people are tired of the way society has been set up, while the other half are afraid at where society may be going.

Conspiracies attack the old power structure. At the same time, they are symptomatic of a new societal structure arising.

This is what we’re witnessing.

Perhaps instead of haranguing people who believe in conspiracy theories we should realize that the world we all grew up in is on the precipice of being remade anew.

This “remaking” is in our hands. It can evolve into something very good or devolve into a dystopian nightmare.

We get to choose.

First, we have to train ourselves to recognize facts from fantasy. The internet makes it seem that anything that tickles our fancy is fact and should be shared immediately.

Usually, reality is not this exciting. This is one way to tell if you’re being suckered. If it makes you tingle with excitement, it’s likely not true.

Truth isn’t sexy. It takes brain cycles to understand. It takes contemplation.

It also takes having a strong connection to the magic. The magic—as I describe it here—is that inner guide you were born with that is supposed to help you discover your life’s mission.

I believe we all have a birth mission, however many of us are missing out on our awesome journeys because we’re too busy being caught up in the conspiratorial spinnings of other people.

I stopped believing in a religion to follow my birth mission.

What are you willing NOT to believe to be able to follow yours?

—Tessla, Lost Soul Found

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