Technicolor Sheep (in a one-horse town)

Cratersville - Icon Realm

Spring – Cratersville – Fifth Grade Written by Jellybean Reds We were spending the afternoon in Cratersville. It was spring and we were talking about animals that are symbolic of the season when Poppy mentioned sheep. Apparently she had been talking to Marjorie, one of Mrs. Fields friends, about sheep and how wool is turned […]

Sleight of Hand

January - The City - Icon Realm - Senior Year

After the fire, everything changed. Jellybean didn’t return to school. Their old man fled town taking his pretty assistant with him. He went to the City. The big ritzy place where his other theater was. Jelly’s dad always bugged me. He was a mind-fucker. A nod was the most he usually got from me. Heck, […]

Holly Dazed

Winter Wish Eve - Cratersville - Blueberry 17

Hi, my name is Blueberry Fields. Those closest to me call me Blue, everyone else refers to me as Mr. Fix It because I fix things that the Magic breaks. Since it’s my job to fill you in on all the details that Jellybean leaves out of their* story, I thought I might fill you […]