September Dispatches

Welcome for September:

September means back to school. I hated school—especially once junior high began and Poppy decided to continue her formal education in the Wanderlore Grove instead of in Cratersville with me. This is why, starting in the 7th grade, I designated the first day of school as Lemons and Rainbows Day. School may have sucked without Poppy, but I still tried my best to smile.

September is also time for the Harvest Festival, which is one of the four seasonal events celebrated by Cratersvillians and Wanderlores alike. Poppy and I liked to wander the fairgrounds eating candied apples, going on hayrides and scaring the crap out of people by animating the scarecrows—I still do.

The Wanderlores also celebrate their own autumnal festival in the Wanderlore Grove during September-October. This one is more formal than the one in Cratersville and is linked to the new moon.

On the first day of this week-long event, I make my annual pilgrimage to the nearest creek in the Wanderlore Grove where I toss bread crumbs into the swiftly flowing water at my feet.  These bread crumbs represent the tears, disappointments and bad events that had visited me the previous year—the memories, of which, I don’t wish to keep.

After my annual tossing of memories, I’m ready to look to the year ahead.

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