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Rainbow Inspiration - Get Your Vibe On

Kaleidoscope Realm

I love rainbows. They represent so many things for me.

For one, they represent that each color—though they can shine by themselves—glow with an awe-inspiring vibe when they are all present together.

For another, they represent the childlike hope that believes in unicorns and pots of gold that are to be found if only the rainbow’s ragged ends can be found.

Of course, being an adult, I don’t believe in such things the same way, though I truly believe that we can still find that same kind of wonder if we only know where to look.

You might say that this is my mission.

At a very young age, I discovered an awesome magic. With this magic I learned to create little creatures. These creatures are special for they are not jaded by the long journey that takes us from joyous childhood to cynical adult.

They are also special because the magic they believe in isn’t an imaginary being or place outside of themselves but the special spark that resides within. It is this spark, and their ability to connect to it so easily, that allows them to exist outside the decorum.

Their existence is what will cause my realm to change. Others will notice and will take up their cause. Some will join them in living a different way. At this point, the decorum weakens. At this point, things can change.

We each have this wondrous spark flickering inside. We’ve just forgotten it’s there. For all the technology we have at our fingertips and all the stuff that dazzles our eyes, we have forgotten that the real magic of life resides within.

This is why I created Peace, Love and Little Creatures. By showcasing my fantastical realm, I’m hoping to entertain, enlighten and embolden others to live a more vibrant, magic-filled life.

I hope that my creations will inspire you to think new thoughts and pursue new dreams. This is how worlds are built and how societies are changed—one magical hue at a time.  

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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