Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light

This time of year, I contemplate the darkness—not only of the winter world, but of the darkness that too easily ensnares our souls.

Loneliness, hopelessness, anger, envy, hate—these emotions are all part of the human condition, yet they don’t have to rule our existence. That’s why I propose, as the new year begins, that we focus on the light that shines in each of our lives.

For some, this light may be small. It may be in danger of going out. But, given a little attention, any light can become brighter.

Others have a very bright light. If you are one of these souls, use your spark to kindle the soul of someone who may have lost their flame completely.

Each of us has a light within. Each of us can add brightness to the world.

May this be the year, where we focus on the light instead of the darkness. May this be the year, where we discover the sparkle of Magic that’s hidden within all of our souls.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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