Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
Life on Zorko - Tessla Queen - Keeper of the Portal

The Purpose of Jelly’s World

Jelly’s Story is about what happens in society when an established decorum becomes oppressive and needs to be replaced with a new way of doing things.

The magic in Jelly’s world exists in two parts. One part is always in power while the other part is reserved for the time of change.

When the time comes, this previously idle magic starts its ascent.

As more and more people (and creatures) have access to this magic and learn to wield its incredible potential, the old magic that supports the established decorum starts to weaken.

This concept is close, I believe, to what’s happening in our own society. Two sides are increasingly at odds about what the future will look like. Two sides are increasingly believing that their side needs to win at all costs.

I can’t tell you how things will play out in the future.

What I do know, beyond a doubt, is that the old ideas and ways of doing things will change.

If this change happens via evolution or revolution depends a lot on us.

This is where Jelly’s mantra of “Living the Rainbow Life” comes into play.

If you believe society is broken, you can’t keep doing things the same old broken way and expect things to change. You have to embrace new ways of living.

I break this alchemical magic down into three phases:

First is Head Alchemy which is when you take the toxic things you have been taught by parents and figures of authority and replace them with more constructive ways of thinking about things. On this journey a few demons will be slayed and the first glimmer of your life’s calling might be seen. This is exciting stuff.

Next is Soul Alchemy. This is when you truly take stock of your abilities, likes, dislikes and interests. These things will help you to find that inner compass which will allow you to tap into the magic inside. This magic is your super power—the thing that you can do incredible things with.

The final step is Life Alchemy. This is when you go out into the world slaying the dragons of the old decorum while working with your community to build the shiny new decorum that will one day change the society in which you live and, with any luck, the whole world.

Yes, I know this sounds utopian. That’s okay. I believe that what’s coming in the future will be both scary and exhilarating. There’s always a danger when the old decorum crumbles.

This is why Jelly talks so much about transforming yourself before you tackle the big ass dream of changing the world.

If you don’t create a vibrant and healthy internal world within, you might get caught up in movements that promise utopia, but end up delivering a dystopian world instead.

Again, I can’t tell you how the future will play out. All I know is that the future is in play, and all of us will need to participate in order to ensure that in the end, whatever is built, it’s a place where we all belong.

—Tessla, Queen of Smiles, Keeper of the Portal to Jelly’s World

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