Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
August - Creators Realm - Jelly 19

Soul Surfing

You’ve probably noticed by now that I love to create butterflies.

I could say that butterflies just fascinate me—they do—but they also represent something more.

Butterflies not only represent transformation, which, being a magician, is a process I’m always keen to exploit; they also represent the soul, which, being a bit of an explorer, makes them perfect for an act of daring I call soul surfing.

Soul surfing is entrusting part of your soul to another creature so you can go where they go and see what they see. Butterflies serve this purpose well, for they’re one of the few creatures whose soul-sparks don’t smother the essence of the entity whom they are hosting.

This is important because, while I might like the experience of seeing the world through another’s eyes, I do want to make it back to tell my tale.

Of course, I always ask for permission first. Being a hitchhiker is one thing, being a hijacker is another thing all together.

I may be inquisitive, but I’m not rude.

That wouldn’t be very butterfly of me.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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