Stories of Clockwork and Magic by Jelly & Blue
Young Jelly Magician in Red with Blue Smoke

Rainbow Rebellion

My creations are my calling card. They’re quirky, bold and generously hued.

This color palette is not by accident.

Some believe that my colors harken back to my childhood days when my sister Poppy and I discovered the Magic that allowed us to create little creatures.

Others believe that the colors are symbolic of my inner entertainer. I may not like the limelight myself, but my little creatures have an undeniable urge to be noticed.

Both of these thoughts are valid, but I would like to add another thought for you to consider—the colors I use are bright because my mission as Bard requires me to play the part of a renegade.

Some renegades wear black. Others, like me, break convention and embrace an effusion of hues.

With this thought in mind, let me deconstruct my rainbow into its individual components and give you a brief description what each shade stands for.

Red is, by far, the most common color of my palette. Red has commonly stood for revolution. It’s also symbolic of my last name—Reds. My father and sister were revolutionaries in their outlook. I’m more hopeful than they were. In my rainbow, red stands for peace—a bold concept that few are brave enough to embrace.

Pink is next in my rainbow, it represents affection, caring and love.

Yellow represents childlike wonder. I firmly believe that the cosmos is far too old for us not to feel young at heart—no matter our physical age.

Green represents nature, nurturing and rewilding.

Orange represents recognition of what needs to change, repairing what has been damaged, and revisioning a new future.

Blue represents evolution. It’s my chosen method for enacting change over the more destructive “r word”. Evolution denied always leads to revolution—choose wisely.

Violet stands for transformation and transcendence through creative endeavors.

Black in my world is a theatrical element. It represents the stage where each of my creatures has their own chance to shine.

My little creatures live outside society’s decorum. Their existence defies the grayness of the expected and the everyday. They dare each of us to embrace a more vibrant existence.

They dare us to live the rainbow life. 

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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