October Dispatches

Welcome for October:

In Cratersville, when I was growing up, October was known as the month that held the all important night where all us kids dressed up in costumes and ate obscene amounts of candy—chocolate being the gold standard in this regard (hear me people who hand out licorice, pixy stix and candy corn).

You might know this night as Halloween. In the Iconvilles, however, Halloween is called the “Night Between the Worlds.” This is a tip of the hat to the fact that October 31 is the one night* of the year where the cultural decorum of the iconvilles can be freely broken without any penalty. It is also a time when those with the talent (and know-how) can actually enter the Crossroad of Souls** and come back with the same life they entered with.

* In certain towns, like Cratersville, we were permitted minor violations of cultural decorum in the week leading up to Between the Worlds Night without too much grumbling from the local hardcore denizens

** The Crossroad of Souls is a place where souls wishing to reborn await invitations back to the temporal world

Birthday Dispatch for October:

SPELLtacular Birthday – Birthday Wishes for October

Festival of Tents – Wanderlore Style:

Prayer for Rain – Jelly Dispatch

Night Between the Worlds:

The Lonely Life of Ghost – Jelly Scene

Witch of Hearts – Jelly Dispatch

The Nightmare of Division:

Bonfire – Jelly Dispatch

Changing Society’s Decorum:

Green Space – Jelly Dispatch

The Decorum:

The Decorum IRL – Tessla Dispatch

The Prison of Imagined Worlds:

The Prison of Imagined Worlds – Tessla Dispatch

Turning Demons into Daemons:

Demons – Jelly Dispatch

Head Alchemy:

Head Alchemy – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatches from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal:

Caught in the Middle – Tessla Dispatch