March Dispatches

Welcome for March:

March has reminded me of rainbows ever since a little Shamrock Creature visited my sister, Poppy, and I on Shamrock Day. It also reminds me of the little creatures who start their extended services at the Magic Mountain as the weather starts warming up. 

March is also time for the first festival of spring—Carnival Day!

And, if the weather isn’t cooperating with my spring plans, I always like to blame the prognosticating rodent who delivered the forecast back in February.

Birthday Dispatch for March:

Cupcake Birthday – Jelly Dispatch

Shamrock Day Dispatches:

Shamrocks and Rainbows – Jelly and Poppy Scene

Rainbow Shamrocks – Colors of My Soul – Rainbow Life Dispatch

Spring Dispatches:

Carnival Day – Cratersville Scene

Magic Mountain – Little Creature Scene

Technicolor Sheep – Little Creature Scene by Jelly and Blue

About Jelly’s World:

Creating Little Creatures – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatches from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal:

Little Creatures – Tessla Dispatch