June Dispatches

Welcome for June:

June is the month when the Sun celebrates it longest day (for those who follow the seasons of the northern hemisphere on Earth). The Summer Solstice is also the anniversary of my birth, which is fitting since my creative powers are aligned with the Moon and the Magic of Midsummer Night Dreams.

Creators and nurturers whose creative energies tap into the masculine side of things also have their day in June and, as a reward, are given unwanted presents such as ties with silly designs on them. I’ve extended this tradition to all Creators—including myself.

Since I create from both male and female aspects, just as I sometimes create from neither aspect, I expect both flowers and ties. Feel free to follow this tradition if you identify as both and neither like me.

June is also the time for Rainbow Nights which is my special take on pride month.

Birthday Dispatch for June:

Birthday Butterflies – Jelly Dispatch

Pride Dispatches (Rainbow Nights):

Both and Neither – Jelly Dispatch

Rainbow is the New Black – Jelly Dispatch

Peace Love and Rainbows – Tessla Dispatch

Rainbow Rebellion – Jelly Dispatch

Kaleidoscope Realm – Jelly Dispatch

Summer Solstice Dispatches:

Summer Carnival – Jelly and Little Creature Scene

The Magic:

The Magic – Jelly and Poppy Scene

Thoughts on the Magic – A Primer on Aspects of the Magic

The Magic IRL – Tessla Dispatch

Discovering Your Magic:

The Magic Behind the Magic – Jelly Dispatch

Let Me Entertain You – Jelly Dispatch

Discover Your Magic – Jelly Dispatch

The Cyclical Nature of the Magic:

Bard Cycle – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatches from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal:

Listening Leads to Peace – Tessla Dispatch

The Secret Language of Me – Tessla Dispatch