January Dispatches

Welcome for January:

January is for hopes, dreams and resolutions. It’s also the time I like to design peace signs.

January is also the time for back to school, and, in Cratersville, I could think of no better way to “celebrate” the resumption of classes than to show up in nothing but a long t-shirt—featuring a peace sign, of course—and socks. I loved the look of shock on my homeroom teacher’s face. I usually got a suspension for my creative efforts. But heck, it gave me an extra day off, so I didn’t complain.

Also in January, my friend, Bluesy, takes it upon herself to count all the little creatures in Cratersville on Counting the Creatures Day (don’t ask me why—or how). And, the little creatures—after they’ve been duly counted—offer hugs on Hug-a-Little-Creature Day.

Birthday Dispatch for January:

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