August Dispatches

Welcome for August:

August is Happiness Happens Month, International Peace Month and National Sandwich Month. The first week of August is International Clown Week, which can be really creepy if you detest clowns. For those of you more seasonally inclined, the beginning of August marks the first of the harvest festivals celebrating the reaping of the grain.

August is also the time for the National Hobo Convention. Hobos, for those of you who don’t know, are traveling workers. I know there are negative stereotypes out there about those who travel a lot for one reason or another. But, like the Wanderlores and Wanderlusts in my Realm, many times the traveling— though misunderstood—serves an important function in society that most people just don’t get.

Near the end of August there’s Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Legend says that beloved pets and other animals cross the rainbow bridge to paradise where they await their human companions before venturing on to new adventures together. Of course, there are variations of this story, but the main thought is that we love our fur babies, and we can’t imagine the hereafter without them.

Last, but not least, no list for August would be complete without mention of the neo-pagan festival out in the desert where alternative lifestyles are celebrated. The original festival was known as Burning Man, but it has seen many variations ever since.  

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