July Dispatches

Welcome for July:

July is a time for fireworks—at least it was back in Cratersville. I still enjoy a good fireworks show, though it’s really hard to get the people and creatures in the Creators Realm to understand why the accompanying apple pie, hot dogs and baseball on July 4th are such a big deal.

July is also a time for vacations. My family in Cratersville always took a couple of weeks away from Cratersville to explore the other Icon Worlds located off the Interstellar-Interstate. 

It was on one of these trips that my sister Poppy and I discovered the incredible Magic that allowed us to create little creatures.

In the Creators Realm, the “Vacation in July” theme continues with my girlfriend Nori. Of course, in the Creators Realm July isn’t called July but that doesn’t stop us from having some fun in the sun!

Birthday Dispatch for July:

Star-Spangled Birthday – Jelly Dispatch

Living Your Dreams:

Transcending the Dream – Jelly Dispatch

Vacation Scenes:

The Lighthouse – Jelly and Nori Scene

Cosmology of the Realms:

The Creators Realm – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatches from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal:

U ni QUE – Tessla Dispatch