February Dispatches

Now you might think I’m going to start things off by mentioning the big day in February, the one that features hearts, chocolate and the color red in abundance, but I’m not.

Instead I’m going to focus on the little quirky holiday at the beginning of the month that makes February extra special for me—Groundhog Day. Now for those of you who aren’t steeped in Americana, Groundhog Day is the day when a hapless rodent is pulled out of a hole, held up for all to see, whereupon they are asked to prognosticate what the weather for the next six weeks will be. 

Now, living in Cratersville I’ve always wondered why people just didn’t look at the farmer’s almanac or make an inquiry at the local weather bureau to see what the weather was going to be like. These things couldn’t be less accurate than a grumpy rodent, could they? Or, maybe, there’s something about a groundhog’s weather divining skills that the encyclopedia just isn’t clueing me in on. I’ll keep looking.

Next up for what make’s February special is the day I skipped over at the beginning—Valentine’s Day. There are several ways to approach this holiday. You can give silly valentine’s to those casual acquaintances you like. You can go a little more substantial by adding chocolates or a small bouquet of flowers for someone you’re still getting to know. Finally, you can check all of the boxes by adding a nice dinner to the above expressions for someone you’re really invested in.

If the above ideas don’t seem to hit the mark, then you might just be an anti-romantic. I understand. Many eschew such sentimental expressions—especially when they seem obligatory. This is why I designated February 15 as Poison Hearts Day so you can freely vent on all the ways that Candy Hearts Day just doesn’t work for you.

February is also the month for Darwin’s birthday. In a playful salute, I added Evolution Day to my calendar of quirky days. On this day, I celebrate by creating dancing fish, quirky dodos along with other assorted shape-shifting creatures.

February is also the month to celebrate Extraterrestrial Culture Day. Since I live in an Icon World I’m not sure if I should be celebrating my own culture or the culture of another world that I may or may not know about. Or maybe, this day is only reserved for celebrating the culture of little green creatures which were popularized on Earth in the mid twentieth century.

As you can see February is one heck of a quirky month. I’m just not sure why you would want to celebrate love in the middle of it all. Maybe that’s why they wrote the song My Funny Valentine.

Birthday Scene for February:

Surprise – Blueberry Scene for February

Rodent Prognostication Day – Cratersville Holiday:

Rodent Prognostication Day – a Cratersville Scene

Candy Hearts Day – Cratersville Holiday:

Love Dragons – Jelly and Nori Scene

Secret Ingredient – Jelly and Bluesy Scene