April Dispatches

Welcome for April:

April is the time when spring really kicks into gear—even in the techno-magical worlds of the Icon Realm where the weather is programmed a year in advance.

Rabbits and decorated eggs are the symbols of the season, which is just another way of saying that Mother Nature has sex on her mind a lot this time of year.

Earth Day is also celebrated in April as is the Festival of Freedom. 

Birthday Dispatch for April:

Cherry-on-Top Birthday – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatch that Spans Time:

Look at the Stars and Dream – Jelly’s Life from Cratersville to Creators Realm

EGGstravaganza Day Dispatches:

EGGstravaganza Day – Cratersville Scene

Festival of Freedom Dispatches:

Sand – Jelly and Family Scene

Blood – Jelly and Family Scene

Earth Day Dispatches:

Earth Day – Jelly Dispatch

Letters to Earth:

Letters to Earth – Jelly Dispatch

Purpose of the Little Creatures:

Dawn of a New Decorum – Jelly Dispatch

Changing Society’s Decorum:

Tweet Peace – Jelly Dispatch

ReWilding Your Soul:

Dark Bard – Jelly Dispatch

Living Your Dreams:

Stardust Souls – Jelly Dispatch

Seeking and Finding – Jelly Dispatch

Dispatches from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal:

Life on Zorko – Tessla Dispatch

Maverick – Tessla Dispatch